Wednesday, 21 December 2011

There May Be Trouble Ahead

Well ladies and gentlemen, it has been a while hasn't it?  I am in fact still here and still breathing. Life*, Work** & sheer laziness*** have kept me from keeping you informed of my comings and goings.  With that in mind then it's clearly got to be something really special to have lured me back onto my poor neglected blog and boy would you be right.  Yes world, It appears I have a new musical love.

If you know my father (and I know some of you do) you'll know 4 things about him:
  1. His hair is just crazy (to the point of madness)
  2. He's amazing (to the point of madness)
  3. He's fair (to the point madness) 
  4. He can sense whether something is great, or shite, in about 2 seconds flat
Now I'm not claiming to have inherited all of these characteristics but two I definitely have.  Point 4 thankfully is one of them.  I know virtually instantly if I'm going to love or hate something, especially when it comes to music.  As an example, when I was 18 I once bought three albums by an artist based on a 5 second snippet of song I heard on a TV programme.  After listening to them, I was vindicated and in fact still own (and listen to) the three albums today.

I can't even count how many times my husband has scolded me for spontaneously downloading albums in the middle of things, based on snippets of songs I've overheard.  I stand by it though.  I've rarely, if ever, been wrong!  My latest find however is a real corker.

Sky Arts played sets from most of the major festivals this year and one of the sets included a couple of songs from soul rock band Vintage Trouble.  After about 30 seconds I turned to Bryan and decreed that they were good.  A few minutes later I had acquired the album and my great taste in music was celebrated by one by all (well, me and Bry mostly). Also, as luck would have it they were coming to Cardiff in Dec and better than that tickets were £9.  Bloody marvellous!

The concert was on Monday 19th December at the Glee Club and my God was it good.  Put quite simply, this was one of the best gigs I've ever been to.

The BEST concert I've ever been to was Prince.  An absolutely mind blowing performance from one of the greatest (irregardless of whether you love or loathe him) musicians in the world. Stiff competition for a band from LA that's been together for less than 2 years. In all honesty though, they're not too far behind!

The lead singer Ty Taylor has a voice that simply makes you want to lick everything in the room.  Note perfect and smoother than a cashmere codpiece he damn near hypnotises you.  Nalle Colt on guitars is a marvel.  There's a guitar solo towards the end of  'Run Outta You' that makes you want to drop to your knees ( in prayer people, in prayer).  Richard Danielson on drums and Rick Barrio Dill on Bass are also just incredible.

Thanks to the drunken dancing of one of our little party of 5 (I'm too nice to mention names) we managed to secure a surprisingly large dance floor for such a small venue and took full advantage of it.  In fact I danced so hard I couldn't actually bend my knees for a full 24hours after.  Physical injury, a sign of a good concert if ever there was one.

I always feel it's a great privilege to see great talent on the way up.  I have no doubt that Vintage Trouble are going to become huge.  Next time we get to see them in Cardiff I expect the band (and venue), will be much bigger.

A friend who had already seen the band said to me "I thought they were great musicians with great stage presence, but I didn't think that their songs are as good as the ones in their record collections". A rather smart and funny comment I thought and yes, I can see there's some truth to it.  The band have some very clear influences and with those in mind, some bloody big shoes to fill.  Give them a few years though. I've no doubt they'll get there.  I for one shall be watching them very closely.

Now as to the second quality i've inherited from my dad.  I'll let you decide.

I leave you now with Vintage Trouble on Jools Holland.  Enjoy!

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*** Not Twitter

Friday, 28 October 2011

From Scientific Appeal to Scientific Apparel

Well, it seems I'm not so strange after all.  Further to my post on sexy science, I now give you 'exhibit A' ladies and gentlemen: 

This t-shirt made me laugh so much I actually stopped breathing momentarily.  Don't worry though, I'm fine (physically, if not mentally).

Despite it's entertainment value, I won't be buying it. Partly because I would struggle to fit a single boob into it but also, and more importantly, because I'm not sure I want to declare this particular love to the streets of Cardiff just yet.  

Monday, 26 September 2011

Is It a Bird, Is It a Plane?

It's a Northern Ireland bread delivery van of course.

This was chased down by my Mum in my hometown of Carrickfergus.  Possibly the best bread delivery van in the world.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ophelia Nightly is Back

It's time for the gloves and hats to resurface. Yes, hoorah & hazah burlesque is back baby.

From next week i'm back in my utterly fabulous burlesque class and shall be shimmying & shaking all the way. Not only is it back but it's moved pretty darn close to my house so no more wandering the streets looking like a cast off from Fame.

I'm sure to have lots of fun and humiliating exploits to report back on.  And hey, any girls out there wanting to join me on my follies adventure just let me know. Group humiliation is the only kind worth doing after all. 

You can read about my ongoing burlesque incidents in my previous posts, Von Teese Me andThe Continued Misadventures of Lany B D'Lamour.

In honour of such a fabulous thing I shall be spending my evening watching Cabaret and trying not to fall off my chair while copying the Mein Herr routine. You have been warned.    

Oh and if you'd like to know how Ophelia Nightly came about you can always read, Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Big Brother, I'm Watching You

Well it's happened.  For some mysterious reason I've been lured into watching Big Brother for the first time since the original show back in 2000.  Actually to be honest, it's not such a mystery.  It may have something to do with this man, Bobby Sabel:

Beautiful but Boring Bobby
Please believe me though when I tell you, beautiful Bob has turned out to be quite possibly one of the most boring people I've ever witnessed on TV. Thank God he's pretty!

The pervert in me aside, I've actually found the show very very amusing.  I don't know if all the Big Brothers have been like this but the show has turned out to be a goldmine of quips and phrases.  Personal favourites so far include. 
"I had them done because I wanted them to look natural"  - Amy Childs in reference to why she had her boob job
"That's a bollocks of a body you have there" - Paddy 
"It's not about what car you have.  It's about how much money you've got" - Kerry (jokingly) to Lucien on love and relationships
So far though, the ultimate phrase is courtesy of Ms Katona. She wins my unending respect for the following classic: 
"I was shaking like a shitting dog" - Kerry Katona. 
Well done Kerry, I shall be slipping this into conversations from now on. 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Disco Inferno

Well last week my hubby and I (and a couple of eager friends) went to Clwb Ifor Bach for our first Silent Disco.  A fabulous night of manic dancing, name that tune and mime was had by all.

I'll be honest, it was little weird initially.  Walking into a quiet, crowded room of people pulling some (quite frightening) moves on the dance floor is quite a spectacle! Fun but weird.  Anyway it didn't take long to get into the groove and soon we were all up making arses of ourselves like the rest of them.

The only thing wrong was the heat.  Clubs generally, are sweltering places. I understand that.  This however,  was in a world of it's own!  I don't know whether it's down to all extra electronics required for the 'silent disco' or what but the heat was unreal.

Sweat was literally puddling on the floors and tables by the time we called a halt to the evenings frivolities.  When we oozed down the stairs and out to the fresh air we realised everyone had been suffering the same.  Little groups of people where standing outside sucking in great wafts of air.  No one looked in disgust at our soaked clothes and dripping faces as they all looked as bad as we did.

All in all though it was a tremendous night.  We'll definitely be going back.  This time however we'll be prepared for the heat.  I wonder if it will show my age if I bring one of those little battery powered fans?! Hmm.  

Monday, 18 July 2011

Weaslaphobia Part 2

I've discussed on here before just how much I loathe getting my haircut (you can read that post here).  Well it seems I'm not alone, as this little rant from David Mitchell proves. 

You Might Be On To Something There

As I may have mentioned, I adore Stephen Sondheim and his shows. While watching his celebration DVD recently my husband came out with the following, scarily accurate, analysis of Sondheim's career:
 "Looks like he didn't do any of his good stuff until he grew his beard"
 He has a point you know! 
Sondheim in a 'good' period

Friday, 24 June 2011

This Book Will Change Your Life

As you may well know, I'm rather a fan of musicals and for the last two weeks I have been completely and utterly obsessed with a brand new musical called 'The Book of Mormon'. 

Created by the people behind South Park and the guy behind the absolutely hysterical Avenue Q, you can imagine what kind of show this is.

The plot is simple.  Two missionaries (you know, the young, good looking American kids that knock on your door at tea time and try to tell you about Jesus) get sent to a village in Uganda in the hopes that they can convert the rather jaded population to The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter Day Saints. The villagers they encounter are cynical to say the least.  They have some very real & scary issues not to mention a warlord to contend with.  They feel God has turned His back on them and so they have forsaken Him. 

So how do two young Mormons go about converting these people? Well one of them decides he can do a lot more good in Orlando and the other decides to simply make stuff up.  In order to get the people to listen he makes the book a lot more relevant to his audience (adding elements of Star Trek & Lord of the Rings while he's at it).  The moral implications of these scriptural changes are neatly debated in the song 'You're Making Things Up Again'. 

When the villagers come to see that this religion speaks to their problems, they start to come round and eventually convert.  There's a fantastically funny track at this point called 'Baptise Me' which plays like a love song and contains the rather unsubtle (yet very funny) lines “I've been dowsed by the Heavenly Father” and “I'm wet with salvation”. 

My favourite lines in the whole show however are the following:

“I'm gonna take you back to biblical times, 1823”


“I believe that in 1978 God changed His mind about black people”

One of the best songs in the whole show is called “Turn It Off”. This is a dangerously catchy little number about how to keep those awkward homosexual feelings at bay.  Word of advice though, never ever listen to it on a bus.  I laughed out loud for 5 minutes straight.

With the creatives in mind it would be easy to dismiss this show out of hand as offensive and blasphemous but that's simply unfair.  Yes, it's shocking and does point out some of the more peculiar aspects of the religion but the overall feeling of the show is one of affection.  Despite the atheist beliefs of practically everyone involved in the show, there's a heart-warming feeling about it and ultimately it says that there is a place for faith, even in the most awful of circumstances. 

If you're open minded (and a fan of musicals) I can not recommend this enough.  Some of the subject matter is unpalatable to say the least but taken in the spirit it's intended, I don't think you can help but be charmed by this show.

I have a feeling I'm going to be listening to it for a long time to come.   If you've got 5 minutes check out the inspired performance of Andrew Rannells singing 'I Believe' at the Tonys where the show took home 9 awards!

Jesus Said "Let the Children Come to Me"

Well if this old Irish schoolbook is anything to go by, it appears God is a bit more selective:


Monday, 13 June 2011

For the Enthusiast in Your Life

I came across this book the other day and couldn't really believe my eyes. Now I'm sorry, but surely there's something a little bit wrong with you if you buy a cookbook for your cats? I can barely be bothered cooking for my husband and I, yet alone a pet! I imagine though that if you are the kind of person to buy this then the probability is you have no one else to look after! Like this poor girl in her disastrous dating video perhaps?

The main reason for this post however is that this little book, strange as it is, reminded me of another classic I came across a couple of years ago. If you think that anyone cooking for their pets is a little unusual what kind of person do you think owns a copy of this:

Yes.  It is indeed a make your own sex toys book.  To get a full appreciation of this book please please have a 'look inside'.  

My particular favourite is the knitted gimp mask.  Why fork out for costly and uncomfortable PVC when you can create your own gimp mask from wool?  And honestly, What could be more versatile than the 'cat of as many tales as you want'?

I'm guessing the author of this book had his tongue firmly in cheek, no pun intended, while writing this, as had some of the reviewers for the product.  We can laugh but remember people, as the book says:
"'s not just for loners. Making your own can help put the magic back into even the most jaded relationships"

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Boys Are Back In Town

Joy of joys, last night the new series of Supernatural began. In case you happen to have missed this gem of a show, Supernatural is about two seriously beautiful brothers, Sam & Dean, who go around saving the world from supernatural, mythical and religious beings.

Dean, Sam & Castiel (an Angel of course!)
Last season for instance, they took on the devil.  Not without consequence I might add. Poor Sam got inhabited by the spirit of Lucifer and alas, got turned into a ferociously camp version of the man from Del Monte. Then, when he finally regained his sense of style and heterosexuality he got trapped in hell!!! That has to make you feel better about your working day surely?

So this series is mega exciting. From the trailer it seems Sam has escaped from hell and is now some sort of uber buff blood drinking womaniser. YES! That sounds all kinds of good to me.

Now let’s not forget the other brother. I call him ‘consistently hot Dean’. Dean’s been to hell once before you see (and heaven in fact) but has remained gorgeous and quipping at all times, thank goodness.

Ok, so this isn't particularly challenging stuff, but it’s fun, good looking and quite scary at times.  There's also a lot of Christian mythology in later seasons which make for some very interesting viewing and of course we have ever impending Armageddon. Hurrah! It’s the ultimate TV show. 
With last night’s episode safely recorded on Sky + I shall be settling down this evening to a little bit of the Supernatural  boys thank you very much! I’m sure I’ll be reporting back.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Run Forrest Run

Well this week I’ve finally got off my rather ample arse and started doing “Couch to 5K”.  In case you don’t know, this is a scheme to get people up and running.  The idea is a simple one.  It’s a ten week programme and you are supposed to run 3 times a week with various intervals of walking and running which increases week on week. 
Week 1 for example looks very easy on paper.  You do an initial 5 minute warm-up walk, run for a minute, then walk for a minute & half.  This then repeats for 25 minutes.  That seems quite straightforward to me.

Full of motivation my hubby and I decided this was the week we were going to do it.  The alarm was set for 06.30 on Monday for us to get our run done before work.  Simples yes?

Oh dear God how wrong I was.  Running it transpires, is just plain horrible.  Seriously, it’s evil.  I thought I was going to die, throw up or do both at the same time. That’s not to mention my poor poor feet.  It really is not for me.

Unfortunately in these austere times, running is in fact about the only form of exercise I can afford to do. I love playing squash, tennis and adore swimming but it’s not cheap to do these things, especially 3 times a weeks.  So unfortunately it seems me and the bloodied stumps that were my feet are stuck with it for now. I’ll give it another week or two. To be fair, it can only improve.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Nothing makes me long for good old Ireland than a completely fantastic billboard campaign:

I unashamedly pinched this from Kevin Lehane on Twitter.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Kempt Woman

I am sick of walking around Cardiff and seeing these pristine people with their immaculate hair. I mean how do they do it? I wash and straighten my hair every single day yet I guarantee you by lunchtime I look like I’ve been caught in a hurricane. 
After careful consideration I’ve decided it’s my genes at fault. I’m cursed with Irish hair which needs to be free and flowing. It’s the kind of hair that refuses to be tamed no matter what I do with it. Clearly I was born to be a little wild.

Still, I dream of a day when I step out of the house looking groomed. Is it really too much to ask?

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Let's Go To The Movies

I love films but it seems in the last year I haven't been able to see that many.  However, thanks to a lovely free trial of online DVD rental I'm finally getting to catch up and i've seen some crackers.  I thought I'd do some quick reviews of the ones I can remember! 

3.5 out of 5
The Social Network: Computer geek brings about the demise of the productive workday.
Positvies: Superbly acted and strangely watchable.

Negatives: None of the people involved are particularly likeable

4.5 out of 5
Inception: Lucid dreaming with guns and a big budget.

Positives: Not nearly as complicated as people said. Interesting, ambiguous ending.  Joseph Gordon Levitt is HOT in this movie!

Negatives (sort of): First 10 minutes play almost exactly like Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back video which meant I spent most of the movie dreaming of Justin Timberlake in sexy back video (apart from of course when I was dreaming of Joseph Gordon Levitt).

4 out of 5
Easy A: Teen pretends to sleep around in order to become more popular
Positives: Stanley Tucci , Stanley Tucci, Stanley Tucci! Actually a lot smarter than it first appears and very very funny in parts.  
Negatives: You know I can't really think of any.  It did exactly what it should have for a movie like this.

3.5 out of 5

Shutter Island: US Marshall sent to Alcatraz style prison asylum to find escapee prisoner.

Positives: Creepy without being scary and interesting 'reveal'. 

Negatives: The twist isn't exactly a shocker but actually that doesn't impinge on enjoyment of movie.   

3.5 out of 5
The Time Traveler's Wife: Time traveler grooms young girl by  convincing her he's her husband from the future.

Positives: As someone who enjoyed (but didn't love) the book this movie was remarkably enjoyable.  A lot funnier than expected.  The character of Clare is a lot more likable in the film than the book.  

Negatives: It's all a little bit schmaltzy for my taste.


5 out of 5
500 Days of Summer: He was a boy.  She was a girl.  Could I make it anymore obvious? *

Positives: One of the best movies I have seen in years.   Made me laugh out loud on many many occasions. Not that soppy and surprisingly up-beat. LOVED IT! 

Negatives: It ended.  I could have watched it for several hours more and then rewound it and watched it again.   

2.5 out of 5
Hot Tub Time Machine: The title pretty much does my job for me here. 

Positives: Despite all the odds this made me laugh, quite a lot actually.  Is really just a homage to 80's movies. 

Negatives: It's about a hot tub time machine!  

3 out of 5 

Burlesque:  Small town girl wants to makes it big in the dance world by singing. Also some nonsense about selling sky!

Positives: Stanley Tucci , Stanley Tucci, Stanley Tucci! Surprisingly enjoyable and some nice fun dance numbers.

Negatives: Cher's face is completely distracting.  Contains about as much legitimate burlesque as a Pussycat Dolls video.
Score is mainly down to dance numbers if i'm honest.

* I never thought I would ever quote Avril Lavigne lyrics in public!

Monday, 9 May 2011

A New Blog for Bookworms

Books these days seem to be covered in spiel.  Things such as "This book will change your life' or "I couldn't put it down" decorate almost all the books you see.  For the most part however, these little blurbs are far from the reality.  

Sick of the hyperbole my bookgroup has set up 'A Riotous Oil-Painting'.  A blog dedicated to giving you the lowdown on what the reviewer really should have said. 

So if you like books (or simply hate reviewers) and have ever been lured into purchasing by the promise of "A riotous oil-painting of senility, lust and greed", only to find a faded watercolour then mosey on over to the blog.

It's very much a work in progress at the moment so bear with us!

Lazy, Moi?

Oh my I've been a bit slack haven't I?  I would love to be able to say that I've been far too busy to attempt to put a blog post together but alas that's just not true.  In fact apart from some manic decorating and a few rather drunken nights out it's been a relatively quiet few weeks and that's the problem.    

The less I have going on the less I feel like doing.  Currently I'm only working part time and my goodness have I got lazy.  The days I'm not working start of well enough.  I'm full of bounce and vigour and have wild plans of what I'm going to accomplish during the day. Unfortunately by about 10am I've lost my enthusiasm and the sofa is far more appealing.  It has only been a few weeks but still, it's not good.  

Unfortunately my lazy spell has filtered through to the blog as well.   

This week however I plan on changing it all.  I'm going to ban myself from the sofa during my days off and get some bloody work done.  Including, I hope, some blogging!  (They might be quite short posts though if I'm not allowed to sit on the sofa to type)  

Wish me luck!  

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

End Scene

For a couple of years now I’ve been having a repeat yet polite conversation with some of my friends. I’m growing a little weary of having this conversation over and over again so I thought I needed to send this out into the world once and for all . . .


Yep that’s right, no interest at all. You can recommend all you want and yes I know you have all the CSI boxsets which you’d love to let me watch but oddly enough I’m still not interested.

Oh and for the record. I am aware of the fact that NCIS has a Goth scientist. I’m not sure why you think this little nugget of information is pertinent or what in my personality makes you feel that will sway me into rushing out to buy the DVD’s but thanks for letting me know none the less. Also, repeating this fact in a more upbeat tone won’t help your cause either.

There. That feels better. Now, hopefully I can put this conversation to rest. Oh and in case you’re one of the few that doesn’t watch these shows . . .

She's a Goth scientist you know?

Friday, 8 April 2011


I've been waiting a long time for this.  The animated version of 'Storm' has arrived.

Tim Minchin's Storm is a 10 minute beat poem (yep, that's right) about what happens when sceptic, Minchin is forced to converse with hippy, Storm, about the deeper things in life at a London dinner party.

I'm a big fan on Tim Minchin in general but it has to be said, 'Storm' is undoubtedly his piece de resistance. If you have ten minutes to spare WATCH IT:

In my opinion, it's pure genius and echoes (albeit more eloquently) my own rather sceptical views on some of the more supernatural elements of this world and in particular the morality of psychics:
“Why is it OK
For people to pretend they can talk to the dead?
Is it not totally fucked in the head
Lying to some crying woman whose child has died
And telling her you’re in touch with the other side?
That’s just fundamentally sick”
One of the other major aspects of the poem that resonates with me is the assertion that this world should surely be enough for us without needing to look for deeper meaning:
“Isn’t this enough?
Just this world?
Just this beautiful, complex
Wonderfully unfathomable, NATURAL world?
How does it so fail to hold our attention
That we have to diminish it with the invention
Of cheap, man-made Myths and Monsters?”
Of course it's very easy to be satisfied with the world around you when it's a glorious sunny Friday morning in Cardiff.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Stroke of Luck

March In Pembrokeshire
I've just come back from a long weekend in the country. Bluestone in Pembrokeshire National Park to be precise. It's was a beautiful, indulgent weekend and the weather shone on us the whole time. I attempted archery (turns out I'm not very good), cycled (which I haven't done in almost 20 years and it turns out, I'm not very good!), and spent far too much time lounging in outdoor hot tubs (at which, i'm awesome). Absolute bliss. The highlight of the holiday however came on the last day . . .

We decided to visit Manor House Wildlife Park which was bought a couple of years ago by interior designer Anna Ryder Richardson and while it's very much a work in progress it's a beautiful place and is aiming (and succeeding from what I saw) to be an eco-friendly conservation park.

The park is pretty special because you get to stroke animals. I'm a big fan of stroking stuff so I was in my element. Things I got to stroke include: Wallabys, blind albino wallabys, the weirdest looking chickens I've ever seen & a variety of goats. All good stuff!


The highlight however was when Anna Ryder Richardson drove past in a Jeep, stopped and informed us that one of the camels had just gone into labour. We ran down to the camel field and got to watch the whole birth. It was rather remarkable. 

We witnessed the birth, the first very wobbly steps and it's many failed attempts at feeding. I'd also like to add that we would have missed the whole thing had Anna Ryder Richardson not stopped to tell us as we had already been to see the camels. An incredible holiday and an incredible experience.

Alas it's back to reality now and with that work. Still, I have some great things lined up in this coming week so hopefully reality won't hit me too hard.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Scientific Appeal

Isn’t science fascinating? Seriously, I can’t get enough of science/nature based documentaries and with both ‘Human Planet’ & ‘Wonders of the Universe’ on TV at the moment I feel like a kid in a universal candy store.

Currently I'm brimming with fascinating factoids about my world and my species , yet for all this insight I am still baffled as to why I find Prof Brian Cox sexy! No offence to the lovely Prof Cox but he’s not the standard heart throb is he? Still, he just seems to do it for me. I’m going to ‘out’ my sister at this point and say she also thinks the Professor is hot. So I know I'm not alone in this. 

The obvious explanation is that I’m attracted to his brain. That can't be the extent of it though. I'm not attracted to Jeremy Paxman or Patrick Moore* etc. Brains alone do not make the man it seems. 
Having given it far too much consideration I've now come to the conclusion that it's his energy & enthusiasm I'm attracted to. He is clearly deeply excited by what he does and that's pretty damn sexy in my book . He seems as fascinated by what he's telling you as you are listening to it. Who'd have thought enthusiasm would be such a turn on?

Sexy science ladies and gentlemen. It's the future!

* I'm ashamed at how long it took me to remember the names of just 2 brainy celebrities!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Things That Go Bump In The Night

For the last week or so I have had my sleep interrupted by a wailing, gnashing., screeching sound that seems to come from the devil himself. Yep, you’ve guessed it. Cats have been shagging outside my window.

Now I don’t know if it’s normal for cats to have crazy, violent lovin but these cats gotta ‘ave it and it’s driving me insane. In actual fact I’ve opened the window to shout at them several times but nothing says crazy to the neighbours like shouting out the window at 3 am at what appears to be a bush.

So what can I do? On the occasions I have shouted at them they simply stop and look at me then carry on. I’ve also tried ignoring them but alas it’s a bit difficult to get to sleep with their wee furry selves boinking up against the wall. I’m at a loss. Any suggestions welcomed on how to put an end to their freaky shenanigans so I can get some sleep.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Unusually for me, this may prove to be a rather serious post! I apologize and will return to my normal programming soon, I promise. Also, look, it’s really long and not particularly coherent so again, apologies. In all honesty I’m not even sure I should post it but hey I said I used this blog for cathartic purposes so following that logic I thought I should.

Channel 4 recently launched a new political satire show called 10 O’clock live. Funny and rather more informative than you’d expect for a show in which Jimmy Carr is involved, it’s a mixture of serious hard-hitting interviews, comedy sketches and my personal highlight of the show, David Mitchell’s, generally spot-on, rants.

Now it may come as a surprise to people who know me but I am interested in world affairs and do try to keep up with the news. I will however hold my hands up and say that, more often than not, it deeply confuses me and I don’t understand it nearly as much as I wish I did. I rarely take part in political discussions because of this and also because I feel I’m not eloquent enough to express my feelings on the truly important things going on in the world. So you would be forgiven for thinking I didn’t have a clue what is going on. That being said, I’m currently very angry!

The final straw for me came on Thursday’s 10 O’clock live; David Mitchell’s rant was all about Lockheed Martin’s involvement in the 2011 Census. Now I had no idea who Lockheed Martin was prior to this but looking into it, it appears they are ‘an American defence & communications’ company. I’m sure that’s hugely simplifying their portfolio but I think that’s pretty much the gist of what they do. Basically, the UK Government has paid an arms firm from the US, £150 million to help with the 2011 Census.

There are several things about this that deeply anger me. Firstly, why the hell do we need to pay a company £150million to do this? The Office of National Statistics should surely be able to do the work. I understand the Census is a gargantuan undertaking but it’s not unprecedented. It happens every 10 years for Christ’s sake. Surely by now we can manage it ourselves. And if not, were there no UK companies that put a bid in for the contract?

Secondly, why give the contract to a US Arms firm?! This is the company that is responsible for Trident nuclear missiles & cluster bombs, a company that provided private interrogators to Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay. I mean surely this is just insanity? It appears Lockheed Martin was involved in the 2001 Census as well but that doesn’t make it any more justifiable does it?!

There are currently calls from some to boycott the Census but, like Mitchell in his rant, I don’t think that’s the right way to go. In fact I have no idea what I can do with the outrage I feel in response to this. This anger isn’t just aimed at the Census thing. The census merely was the final push into maddening rage for me. Things such as the tax dodging revelations of Barclays Bank last week (see Jon’s blog re that, he can express that stuff a lot better than I ever could), the BBC’s belief that the Oscars Red Carpet is more worthy of news coverage than the goings on in Libya and more locally, the absolute immorality of a local council in the treatment of its longstanding employees have combined to have me seething for the last couple of weeks.

It’s quite obvious to anyone with a bit of sense that the world is falling apart right now. Now I’m not going attempt to comment on the things currently going on as I honestly don’t know enough but I know how I feel and what I’ve seen. We’ve had disaster after disaster and war after war. Will any of it actually prompt me to do anything though? The honest answer is probably not, and that’s what has unsettled me so much.

I recently heard a song called ‘Hurricane’ by a man named David Ford. It’s a song about our inaction both personally and as a generation, to respond.  It has really touched a nerve with me:

“Well, this land is your land, this land is mine,
Now pull up a chair and we can watch the decline, 
And it's never enough,
The surroundings are just too damn comfortable here”

This blog post is by no means a call to arms. I know my anger will pass, more quickly than it should in fact, but I had to express my frustration. If nothing else I know I can read it back in years to come and think: “Hey, at one point in your life you cared (almost enough)”.

Two links if you’re interested:
Ok, rant over!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

New Pervy Winds

Well I finally had enough time to redesign Pervy Winds. I may keep tweaking it over the next couple of days so apologies if anything appears or vanishes at short notice. I was getting mightily bored of the pink so I hope you like it and i've even found myself a new monster profile picture:

A Little Creepy

Creepy men oiling their way towards you on the dancefloor is something almost every girl has to deal with at some point in their lives.  That's why this video by The Loney Island has me laughing and cringing in horror at the same time.

I can't decide if I love it or hate it so i'll let you decide . . .


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A Little Night Music

Gerard Way - My Chemical Romance
CIA Cardiff
Well Monday night I went to see My Chemical Romance at the CIA in Cardiff. Terrified I was going to be the oldest member of the audience I emo’d up and after a liberal application of eye liner I felt ready to face the crowd.

As it turns out I wasn’t the only grown up there. There were plenty of us. Granted most of them did seem to be chaperoning their ‘yoof’ but for my own self confidence I neatly ignored that fact.

The Blackout
The concert was very good. Not much interaction with the audience but they came, they performed well and they left. I suppose you can’t really ask for much more. I’m not a huge fan but I do like some of their tracks and if I’m perfectly honest, after a busy couple of months I really needed to let my hair down. So I did and had a cracking, wild night.

The highlight of the night though was undoubtedly Welsh band ‘The Blackout’ who were supporting. They played their wee souls out and barely stopped chatting with the crowd. They even had us all kneel down which is an interesting vantage point for a rock concert!

On a rather different musical note, I’m going to see a singer/songwriter called ‘Teddy Thompson’ at the Glee Club tonight. If I’m honest, I have no idea who he is or what his music is like but tickets were reasonable and there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of mystery on a Wednesday night.

Personally I’m hoping for a mellow, eyeliner free evening. I’ll keep you posted.

Teddy Thompson

Monday, 21 February 2011

Silly Place Names

According to the Metro and BBC the residents of Sully, South Wales are outraged at the criticism they have been receiving since their new bilingual sign posts have gone up. You see, apparently the Welsh translation of ‘Sully’ is ‘Sili’ and residents have decided that they just can’t handle the jokes that this translation has caused and want the signs changed.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t find anything particularly funny about a village called ‘Sili’. I know it sounds like ‘Silly’ but it’s not and even if it was, surely there are worse names for a town?

For instance my grandparents live beside a pleasant little Irish village called ‘Muff’. Now that is funny! Far from cowering at the moniker though the local people have embraced muff and in fact you can even pop along to the Muff Festival, the Muff Divers Association or even stop of at the local petrol station which proudly advertises itself as ‘Top Muff’.

Now I know the Welsh are rather famous for taking themselves a touch too seriously but up to now this isn’t a stereotype I’d found to be that true. However, if the residents of Sully go ahead and change their signs I may have to rethink that!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Calling all Celestial Counsellors

Like most sensible people I have absolutely no belief in astrology and am quite happy to accept the fact that star signs are indeed bollocks. Yet for some reason, like most people, I still read them if I happen to flick through the newspaper.

As a Scorpio I'm used to 'the stars' informing me of my hot temper and need to think through a rash decision (again bollocks). Today however my star sign said point blank, 'speak to a counsellor'!

Rather alarmist isn't it? Have things deteriorated so badly for anyone born under Scorpio (or however it works) that we all need mental guidance?! There was of course a bit of a preamble before this stark revelation but not much of one. 'Speak to a counsellor' was the main thread and the final statement.

Obviously I won't be heeding this little piece of advice, however, I do think that if I started my first counselling session with 'The stars told me to come see you', that my counsellor would believe I had made the right call.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Happy Birthday

Well Pervy Winds is exactly 1 year old today! So happy birthday to you blog. 

If I'm honest I thought I would have lost interest long before now but no, it's still going and in fact it's oddly cathartic sending my thoughts out into the wilderness.

During my first year I've blogged about such random things as feeling horny, pervy winds, men, tampons, false nails and well, a lot more men! An insight into my mind if ever there was one!

You know what to expect from my rather limited writing abilities by now and it may pain you to know that I don't intend to change anything! Possibly the site might get a facelift but apart from that I'm afraid you're stuck with me!

So people go have a drink to celebrate/commiserate the fact that I'm still here and big thanks to anyone that actually reads my madness. I'll raise a glass on your behalf tonight!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Mixed Messages?

According to the new charity, ‘Action for Happiness’, us Brits are not a happy bunch. Not surprising news for a lot of people I imagine but the BBC in its wisdom has decided it wants to help us and so this week it is doing a series of short pieces on how to be happy with helpful tips and advice.

This morning however, after this lovely ‘fun’ piece of journalism we cut straight to the weather girl:
“It’s going to be another gloomy tedious Monday I’m afraid”
Well, that’s cheery isn’t it?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Let Us Be Gleeful

Well I have finally come round to what the rest of the world already knew; Glee rocks. I knew I would love it because everyone that knows me has been telling me to watch it since day one. So finally, I did.

Glee is everything you would expect from a show based around a high school glee club. It’s camp, musical and comic. In fact it’s everything most musicals are and as a huge fan of musical theatre that’s fine by me.

Season 2 kicked off this week in the UK and it promises to be just as much fun. With more impromptu singing than before, the first episode had me practically bouncing for joy.

My absolute highlight of the whole series however has been when Jesse met Rachel by the Stephen Sondheim section (if only!) of the library:
"I picked the Stephen Sondheim biography section for our clandestine meeting place because only he would be able to express my melancholia."
As a girl who has spent years raving about Sondheim only to be met with the inevitable response of “Who?” I whooped with joy at that moment!

Another particularly unusual thing about the show is the fact that I am not remotely attracted to any member of the cast! This is highly strange for me. Ok, so most of them are high school kids which I shouldn’t be looking at anyway but there is the odd adult chucked in there for good measure and yet still no stirrings. Congratulations to the casting director for managing to find a completely asexual group of people! It’s given me a whole new viewing experience.

So while the show loosely weaves plots around its chosen song and then tries to wedge some sort of moral in there for good measure, I don’t care. It’s smartly written and has great music. I could do a lot worse in this dark, miserable January than a show that makes me laugh, sigh and most importantly, makes me gleeful.

Monday, 10 January 2011

A Modern Day Martyr

A couple of days before Christmas I overheard the following conversation:
“Hello Jane, how are you keeping?”
“Oh hello Mary. Well as you know, this time last year I had my heart attack and now, well you won’t believe it but I’ve got an eye infection! But you know me, I don’t complain”
I’m personally hoping Santa brought Jane some perspective for Christmas.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Never has a year flown by as quickly as 2010 seemed too. I still partially believe that I must have passed out for 6 months of it as it seems the only explanation for the sheer speed with which it passed. Still it was an excellent year. In fact I would maybe even put it down as one of my best years. Here are some of the things I’m very thankful for in 2010.

In no particular order:

Family – 2010 was a great year for my family as my sister finally got her finger out and got married to her lovely boyfriend of God knows how many years.

Friends – It was the year I turned 30 and some of my best friends were with me to celebrate/commiserate. I had an absolutely superb night. 2010 also saw Miss Rainy finally make her way to the land of leeks! A feat which may in fact be repeated again in 2011!

My Husband – I’m not going to get too sloppy here as I don’t really do that but for Christmas 2010 my husband gave me a printed copy of a story he used to tell me on the phone during our long distance relationship days . The work that went into is incredible and I love it. It’s perfect.

Work – One of my jobs I adore. I have quite possibly the best set of colleagues I’ve ever worked with and I actually like what we do. I’m very grateful for the role but alas it comes to an end soon. The other job is not so good. While the organisation I work with does great work, my actual day to day working life is dull to say the least. Still, I’m thankful I have work at all!

Music – I’ve attended some great concerts in 2010 the highlight of which was 30 Seconds To Mars (possibly the best concert I’ve ever been too) with the super hot Jared Leto. Another highlight, although somewhat different, was Tim Minchin with an orchestra at the CIA in December. I laughed, cried and laughed again. More fab concerts are already lined up for 2011!

Holiday - I had a weekend away with friends in 2010 which in itself may not seem like much but when you factor in that, apart from visiting family, I haven’t had a holiday in 6 years, you’ll understand why it’s a highlight.

Acceptance - I’m a very positive person generally but my god can I be negative about myself sometimes. 2010 was the year I think I finally learnt to accept myself and not be so flipping self conscious all the time. I thank, age, wisdom and burlesque for that! I’m still overly self conscious but hey, it’s a start!

Ophelia Nightly – 2010 was the year I started slinking and strutting by joining a Burlesque class. It’s been hugely enjoyable, rather educational and it’s increased my confidence phenomenally. I really hope to continue in 2011. I don’t think I can stress enough how much more confidence it has given me and I’m so grateful for that.

True Blood – It’s now an undeniable truth that I am obsessed with True Blood. It’s funny, sexy and gory. What else do you want? 2010 was the year Eric Northman got HOT and Jason Stackhouse joined the ‘Light Of Day Institute’. What followed made for some of the most enjoyable TV I’ve ever seen. If you’re not already, be smart and go watch.

Blu-Ray - Thank you 2010 for True Blood in blu-ray. More specifically thank you for giving me Eric Northman, Jason Stackhouse, Sam Merlotte & Eggs in 42inch glorious high definition! Praise the Lord!

Dry Shampoo – I’m finally free from the constraints of washing, drying and then straightening my hair every single flipping day of my life thanks to this little miracle.

Spontaneity – 2010 has been full of spontaneous acts (either by me or others) which made it unpredictable and hugely enjoyable.

My Blog – In January 2010 I started my blog. While I may be a little erratic with my updates I have tried to keep in updated reasonably regularly. I don’t know if anyone actually reads it & enjoys it but I enjoy writing it (and it gives me something to do!).

All in all it’s been a great, fun year and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2011 will continue in a similar vein.