Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Big Brother, I'm Watching You

Well it's happened.  For some mysterious reason I've been lured into watching Big Brother for the first time since the original show back in 2000.  Actually to be honest, it's not such a mystery.  It may have something to do with this man, Bobby Sabel:

Beautiful but Boring Bobby
Please believe me though when I tell you, beautiful Bob has turned out to be quite possibly one of the most boring people I've ever witnessed on TV. Thank God he's pretty!

The pervert in me aside, I've actually found the show very very amusing.  I don't know if all the Big Brothers have been like this but the show has turned out to be a goldmine of quips and phrases.  Personal favourites so far include. 
"I had them done because I wanted them to look natural"  - Amy Childs in reference to why she had her boob job
"That's a bollocks of a body you have there" - Paddy 
"It's not about what car you have.  It's about how much money you've got" - Kerry (jokingly) to Lucien on love and relationships
So far though, the ultimate phrase is courtesy of Ms Katona. She wins my unending respect for the following classic: 
"I was shaking like a shitting dog" - Kerry Katona. 
Well done Kerry, I shall be slipping this into conversations from now on. 

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