Wednesday, 7 April 2010

It's Back!

Bout ye!  Some exciting news for anyone from Northern Ireland or Scotland.  It seems that due due to popular demand (probably by out of work dentists) someone has seen fit to re-release Creamola Foam!  Creamola Foam for fecks sake.  Now rebranded as Kremola Fizz, this is indeed exciting news! 
For many years now I've been talking to my Welsh counterparts about this mythical product and they all thought I had lost my mind. Well it seems the good Lord in his wisdom has taken heed of my plight and bestowed the recipe on some lucky sod.  This time around though he also gave the bugger some business acumen as at £4 a tub nostalgia isn't cheap!  

I have many fond memories of this stuff however.  I remember slurping it from the glass before it exploded, the lovely fragrant scum left behind afterwards and lets not forget the ultimate endurance challenge, a spoonful straight from the tub!  Needless to say I'll be ordering my first tub shortly! 

I wonder if it will live up to my expectations? You can read more here.


  1. ah i remember it well bet it dosnt taste as good though

  2. I imagine it tastes rank! Would rot the teeth out your head i'm sure. Still, could be fun lol.

  3. Wikipedia:

    Demand from the public

    A large number of Scottish and Irish people born in the 70s and 80s and early 90s retain an affection and nostalgia for Creamola Foam, as a drink they enjoyed as children and cannot obtain today.[1] To this effect several online petitions argue for the resumption of the brand. Additionally some internet sites such as '' collect details of the drink (such as ingredient lists) in the hope that it might be resurrected in some form in the future.

    Scottish Parliament motion and amendment bulletin from 18th Jan 2010!!!!

    S3M-5454 Rob Gibson: Creamola Fizzes Again!—That the Parliament welcomes news of the launch of Creamola Fizz, the reincarnation of an old favourite fizzy soluble drink, known as Creamola Foam Crystals, that used to be a big treat for young and old alike; recalls that it was withdrawn by Nestlé in 1998; welcomes its imminent return under local Scottish ownership, and wishes the new producer, Alan McCandlish of Cardross, every success with the expected relaunch early this year to delight a whole new generation of Creamola Fizz lovers.

    Supported by: Alasdair Allan, Jackie Baillie, Cathy Peattie, Bill Wilson, Jim Hume, Anne McLaughlin, Jackson Carlaw, Sandra White, Bill Kidd, Patrick Harvie, Aileen Campbell, Brian Adam, Bob Doris, Christine Grahame, Iain Smith, Gil Paterson, Linda Fabiani, Maureen Watt, Dave Thompson


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