Thursday, 15 April 2010

Bring On The Men

I’m not sure what happens to Cardiff in the sunshine but it seems no matter where I look the world is brimming with hot men! On my walk to work this morning it seemed that every man walking past me was straight out of a page in GQ.

My very understanding hubby won’t mind this new development too much I suspect. He’s found me ogling him too many times too mention! But after pondering this stroke of luck for the last hour or so, I feel that there are 3 possible reasons for this mornings man fest:

1. There just so happened to be a hot male model marathon passing by my route to work this morning. Hooray for me! What are the odds?
2. I’m due an eye test.
3. The ‘dirty thirties’ have kicked of early & I can expect to feel this hormonal from now on.

While I would love for it to be No.1, I have a feeling that I’m not quite that lucky & I know for certain that No.2 isn’t the reason. That leaves, alas, No.3.

Now, on the surface No.3 isn’t so bad. Ogling young men is a good & nourishing act. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of window shopping to perk up your morning walk. However, as I have discovered this new hormonal me has its drawbacks. Take it from me people; it’s an oddly humiliating & grounding experience to find yourself stopped in the middle of the road licking your lips at the guy that stopped to let you pass.

Curse these mortal longings of mine!


  1. ah its great that you are so like me there is not a thing wrong with looking and WISHING pity there was no white naval uniforms in sight then you really would be talking ah well back to your dad

  2. the grey hair is another sign of hitting 30 too!

  3. Aww Jon your sympathy touches me :-P. Mum don't you worry I always have 1 eye peeled for an officer or a gentleman lol x


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