Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Happy Fecking Birthday!

What do you get the kid who has everything for their birthday?  Apparently a heart attack, at least so the Swiss believe.

Dominic Deville is an entertainer who is hired by parents as a birthday 'treat' for their child.  Not only does he look like something out of a horror film but he actually stalks the child for a week before it's birthday leaving threatening notes, texts & prank calls!  The culmination of this week of 'fun' is a cake in the child's face.  So, nothing remotely sinister about that then!  Seriously, read the article in today's Metro.  It has to be read to be believed.  You can check out the article here. 

Now call me old fashioned  but I'm just not sure an evil stalking clown is what I'd been getting my (theoretical) child for it's birthday.  A pram or a bike perhaps might be more appropriate, however what do I know I'm not a parent?  

They say parenthood changes you.  What I didn't know is it turned you into a twisted psycho who thinks that a lifetime of counseling is a suitable birthday gift!!!*

All I can say is thank God this guy wasn't around when I was growing up.  I have a feeling my parents would have liked the idea.

* I know there are a LOT of exclamation marks in this blog post.  However I do feel it warrants a few more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. all I can say is beware you have a birthday later this year keep looking over your shoulder lots and lots of love from your crazy mum


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