Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sky's the Limit

If you, like me are one of the people who has sold their soul to the Murdoch empire and have Sky TV installed in your home then I hope you share my frustration.

With the introduction of the fantastic Sky Atlantic, Sky is getting shows in line (pretty much) with them being aired in America.  A fantastic thing you might cry.  About time, praise be & hallelujah.  Unfortunately though I've found a bit of a glitch in this fantastic plan of theirs. You see it turns out American TV scheduling it frickin crazy!

A series of 12 episodes would run for 12 weeks you'd imagine.  Allow a couple of weeks for holidays etc. and you're probably looking at a 14 week run, in this, the sensible land of TV scheduling.  America though ....

Well lets take for instance, the fabulous "The Walking Dead". Series 2 of this great show started in Oct. Next Friday we are privileged enough to be presented with .......... episode 8!  Yes ladies & gentlemen, that's four months and we've had 7 episodes.

You see we had a couple of weeks off for thanksgiving and then over a month for the Christmas period.  Don't worry though we were left on a cliffhanger after mid season finale!

MID SEASON FINALE?!?! What the f*ck is that? I'm not entirely sure it's possible to have an ENDING HALF WAY THROUGH!

So what's the alternative.  Well if Sky returned to normal it would mean we would be about 9 months to a year behind US schedules but is that such a bad thing?
Actually yes, yes it is.  One of my favourite shows (as I may have mentioned previously) is True Blood.  It's been forever since series 4 aired in the US and I have been frantically trying to avoid spoilers since then.  Thankfully though series 4 started on Sky this week  and what a corker it was.

We had fairies, witches, a shape shifter anger management meeting and what appears to be a demonic baby decapitating Barbie dolls!  That's just bloody amazing.

As for the scheduling debacle.  I really don't know what's best.  Wait and watch like a normal person or put up with schizophrenic American scheduling.  As I intend to watch episode 8 of Walking Dead I think I've made my decision already. I'm still allowed to complain though, right?

Ps. I'm ridiculously proud of the title of this particular post!

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