Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Calling all Celestial Counsellors

Like most sensible people I have absolutely no belief in astrology and am quite happy to accept the fact that star signs are indeed bollocks. Yet for some reason, like most people, I still read them if I happen to flick through the newspaper.

As a Scorpio I'm used to 'the stars' informing me of my hot temper and need to think through a rash decision (again bollocks). Today however my star sign said point blank, 'speak to a counsellor'!

Rather alarmist isn't it? Have things deteriorated so badly for anyone born under Scorpio (or however it works) that we all need mental guidance?! There was of course a bit of a preamble before this stark revelation but not much of one. 'Speak to a counsellor' was the main thread and the final statement.

Obviously I won't be heeding this little piece of advice, however, I do think that if I started my first counselling session with 'The stars told me to come see you', that my counsellor would believe I had made the right call.

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