Tuesday, 12 April 2011

End Scene

For a couple of years now I’ve been having a repeat yet polite conversation with some of my friends. I’m growing a little weary of having this conversation over and over again so I thought I needed to send this out into the world once and for all . . .


Yep that’s right, no interest at all. You can recommend all you want and yes I know you have all the CSI boxsets which you’d love to let me watch but oddly enough I’m still not interested.

Oh and for the record. I am aware of the fact that NCIS has a Goth scientist. I’m not sure why you think this little nugget of information is pertinent or what in my personality makes you feel that will sway me into rushing out to buy the DVD’s but thanks for letting me know none the less. Also, repeating this fact in a more upbeat tone won’t help your cause either.

There. That feels better. Now, hopefully I can put this conversation to rest. Oh and in case you’re one of the few that doesn’t watch these shows . . .

She's a Goth scientist you know?

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