Friday, 18 June 2010

There's Something About Hay

Please enjoy some very unusual signage spotted in Hay on Wye during my visit earlier this month.

Top left sign – ‘Stirfrieds’.  Not a major mistake by any means but it's not often I get the opportunity to correct someone else's writing abilities *cough*. 

Also, I would like to add that I would never be remotely tempted to eat somewhere called 'Circus Sauce'.  That sounds unhygienic in so many ways.

The next photo is better, I promise:

‘Farmerish’ foods. What exactly would ‘farmerish’ food be? Not quite from a farm but it did drive past a few on the way to the café perhaps?

Finally and definitely the best is the below. I will hold my hands up though and say that I didn’t spot this sign.  I have pilfered it from my friends blog to post on here. Sorry Jon. I will post a link to his blog though so I think that’s fair enough. This is the link.

Anyway here's the pic:

‘Phil The Fruit’. Finally a greengrocer with the personal touch. No one can weigh your kiwis with the expertise of our Phil. Please note, there’s a strict no melon policy.

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