Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Prince of Where?

Yesterday my hubby and I decided we were long overdue a trip to the cinema. To be honest, it was slim picking with regards to movies but we settled on ‘The Prince of Persia’ or as it’s better known among my circle of friends ‘The Shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal Movie’.

I have to admit it wasn’t too bad at all. Enough action and one liners to keep my interest perked without overdoing it and it looked rather impressive as well.

One thing that was a little distracting however was Jake Gyllenhaal’s accent. In the movie his character seems to have an English accent. Which is lovely and to my ears, not a bad effort, but, every so often it veered into Russell Brand! My Persian history is limited, granted, but I’m not sure that Russell Brand is the best person to base your Persian Prince on.

Still, the movie gets a thumb up because Jake Gyllenhaal looked superb and it wasn’t overly long like most bloody films these days!

If you happen to be scared of snakes by the way I would give this film a wide wide birth. It does have some truly horrendous snake moments!

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