Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Problems In The Bedroom?

Apparently, you're not alone.  One American company has come to the rescue of all the couples out there suffering in silence.  In fact apparently not only can they help you but 'you owe it to your marriage' to try their product. 

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the people at Better Marriage Blanket have created a fart eliminating blanket that "Contains the same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons"

Don't believe me? Watch the advert: 

Is this really a problem for people? I mean really? My suggestion to anyone having problems in the bedroom and debating buying this product is simple. Don't. Take your $39.95 and spend it at Bedtime Flirt instead.  I assure you, flatulence will be the last thing on your mind.

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  1. OWNLY in america could they come up with that. they should compine that with the sheet that has the seam down the middle to keep you on your side of the bed then you would have the perfect marriage


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