Thursday, 24 June 2010

A Battle of Giants

I never thought the day would come when I would be writing a blog about sport! Me and sport don’t mix too well usually but like a lot of people come June I’m dusting of my old racket and heading to the court inspired by the goings on at SW19.

For anyone that doesn’t watch Wimbledon, an epic battle has been occurring on court 18 between Mahut & Isner. And I mean, epic . . .

Having played for 3 hours on Tuesday evening the match resumed yesterday for the final set. Over 7 hours of fabulous tennis later and the match was once again suspended with 59 games a piece, due to darkness. 7 hours of tennis!

To say this is a record breaking match is an understatement. The match has smashed a tonne of records and at 10hours of play it’s still not over!

As they discussed whether or not to halt the match last night the crown chanted ‘We want more, we want more’. Now I’m sorry but this isn’t some Gladiatorial battle to the death (although looking at the players, Isner especially, you could be forgiven for thinking that). I understand the reaction of the crowd, they were watching an astonishing event but a bit of understanding for God sake. It was quite clear by anyone’s reckoning that these guys had had enough.

The 5th set continues late this afternoon. I would suspect it might be over fairly quickly as both men are surely suffering unimaginably at this point. So tune in and watch the finale of a historic event.

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