Thursday, 11 February 2010

This Is War . . . But Not As We Know It

Well after several listens to the third & much hyped 30 Seconds To Mars album, I feel that I am now finally in a position to comment on it.

It's not really very good.

Not the harshest criticism the band has received for it's latest release, i'm sure, but still I think it's a fair review.  It's not bad that's for sure, oh no I would never go that far. It's just not that good either. Despite the massive production on some tracks it still manages to feel like something produced by a band that got themselves a brand new Yamaha keyboard for Christmas.  A really good yamaha, top of the line and all that, not like the ones you and I would have been gifted, but still, the result is the same. 

What's worse though are the rather awful lyrics.  Now as a supposed EMO band I give them a pretty easy ride on the lyrics front anyway, but this is just appaling.  Cliche after cliche seeps from every pore of this album.  Here's an example.  Have a gander at the snappy opening to Search & Destroy:

"Grab your gun. Time to go to hell.  I'm no hero.  Guilty as charged.  Search & Destroy"

I think my point has been made!

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