Thursday, 24 February 2011

New Pervy Winds

Well I finally had enough time to redesign Pervy Winds. I may keep tweaking it over the next couple of days so apologies if anything appears or vanishes at short notice. I was getting mightily bored of the pink so I hope you like it and i've even found myself a new monster profile picture:

A Little Creepy

Creepy men oiling their way towards you on the dancefloor is something almost every girl has to deal with at some point in their lives.  That's why this video by The Loney Island has me laughing and cringing in horror at the same time.

I can't decide if I love it or hate it so i'll let you decide . . .


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A Little Night Music

Gerard Way - My Chemical Romance
CIA Cardiff
Well Monday night I went to see My Chemical Romance at the CIA in Cardiff. Terrified I was going to be the oldest member of the audience I emo’d up and after a liberal application of eye liner I felt ready to face the crowd.

As it turns out I wasn’t the only grown up there. There were plenty of us. Granted most of them did seem to be chaperoning their ‘yoof’ but for my own self confidence I neatly ignored that fact.

The Blackout
The concert was very good. Not much interaction with the audience but they came, they performed well and they left. I suppose you can’t really ask for much more. I’m not a huge fan but I do like some of their tracks and if I’m perfectly honest, after a busy couple of months I really needed to let my hair down. So I did and had a cracking, wild night.

The highlight of the night though was undoubtedly Welsh band ‘The Blackout’ who were supporting. They played their wee souls out and barely stopped chatting with the crowd. They even had us all kneel down which is an interesting vantage point for a rock concert!

On a rather different musical note, I’m going to see a singer/songwriter called ‘Teddy Thompson’ at the Glee Club tonight. If I’m honest, I have no idea who he is or what his music is like but tickets were reasonable and there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of mystery on a Wednesday night.

Personally I’m hoping for a mellow, eyeliner free evening. I’ll keep you posted.

Teddy Thompson

Monday, 21 February 2011

Silly Place Names

According to the Metro and BBC the residents of Sully, South Wales are outraged at the criticism they have been receiving since their new bilingual sign posts have gone up. You see, apparently the Welsh translation of ‘Sully’ is ‘Sili’ and residents have decided that they just can’t handle the jokes that this translation has caused and want the signs changed.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t find anything particularly funny about a village called ‘Sili’. I know it sounds like ‘Silly’ but it’s not and even if it was, surely there are worse names for a town?

For instance my grandparents live beside a pleasant little Irish village called ‘Muff’. Now that is funny! Far from cowering at the moniker though the local people have embraced muff and in fact you can even pop along to the Muff Festival, the Muff Divers Association or even stop of at the local petrol station which proudly advertises itself as ‘Top Muff’.

Now I know the Welsh are rather famous for taking themselves a touch too seriously but up to now this isn’t a stereotype I’d found to be that true. However, if the residents of Sully go ahead and change their signs I may have to rethink that!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Calling all Celestial Counsellors

Like most sensible people I have absolutely no belief in astrology and am quite happy to accept the fact that star signs are indeed bollocks. Yet for some reason, like most people, I still read them if I happen to flick through the newspaper.

As a Scorpio I'm used to 'the stars' informing me of my hot temper and need to think through a rash decision (again bollocks). Today however my star sign said point blank, 'speak to a counsellor'!

Rather alarmist isn't it? Have things deteriorated so badly for anyone born under Scorpio (or however it works) that we all need mental guidance?! There was of course a bit of a preamble before this stark revelation but not much of one. 'Speak to a counsellor' was the main thread and the final statement.

Obviously I won't be heeding this little piece of advice, however, I do think that if I started my first counselling session with 'The stars told me to come see you', that my counsellor would believe I had made the right call.