Monday, 1 November 2010

Movember - A Close Encounter

Well it’s officially November and with that begins the annual event of many men growing moustaches for charity. ‘Movember’ as it’s been dubbed means that the men involved don’t shave for the whole month, producing a surge of fine, rugged, men with facial hair roaming the streets in aid of charity.

Now that’s great. I’m all for charity. However when my husband approached me with the idea that he would join his moustachioed comrades in this endeavour I was very reluctant indeed.

It’s not that I’m opposed to facial hair. It’s just that as I turn 30 in the next few days I know that there will be a lot of photographic evidence of this horrific event. Shallow perhaps but I’m afraid I would rather my husband didn’t look like Tom Selleck in the photos.

However not one to be deterred he pressed his right to sport some facial hair. After some discussion we’ve come to a compromise. He’s going to not shave until my birthday then I can decide if it’s photographically acceptable. If not I’m afraid he has to shave it off and start from scratch (pun very much intended) the following day. I think that’s fair. After all, it’s my party and I’ll ban lip fuzz if I want too.

Men (or Women of a certain ilk) if this has intrigued you and you too want to take part then check out the website. It’s quite cool actually - Official Movember Website .

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  1. Have to say I'd be pretty happy if my husband looked like Tom Selleck... mmmmmmm ;)


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