Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Big Bad 30!

Well a couple of weeks ago I had the rather daunting experience of turning 30. Needless to say I had been dreading this for sometime. I’m not exactly sure why but I guess 30 to me meant grown up. 30 year olds are fully-fledged adults and I don’t feel my life is that of a fully-fledged adult at all! Sure I’ve got the husband and the mortgage but I have very little responsibility, no children (or pets either) and no great career path. In fact I live in a flat with my hubby and have 2 temporary jobs! Not exactly what I pictured my life to be at 30 years old.

I’m not saying I’m disappointed.  In fact it’s the opposite.  I honestly don’t think I would change a thing in my life (except for 1 of my current jobs that is!).  Life has been very good to me.  I love my husband deeply and we may as well still be newlyweds despite 6 years marriage behind us.  My flat is awesome and the perfect base for my life and no responsibilities means I can do pretty much whatever I want when I want, and I do!  We don’t have a lot of money but the lack of kids and cars etc. means that the little we do have can be used for pure indulgence.  Not bad eh?

The night of my birthday itself was amazing.  Utterly fantastic friends joined me for a meal and some pretty amazing karaoke antics before hitting (literally, my husband is still bruised) the deserted dance floor.  My Mum also came over for a visit and we had an amazing few days. A great great birthday. My house is still brimming with flowers from friends and family and I got some really amazing presents.  Thank you for making it so special.

Since then I’ve also experienced my first ice hockey match (which I’m sure I’ll blog about), had latin ballroom dance classes and some sing a long fun at the cinema.  So not the grown up life I’d expected at all.

A few of my friends are approaching the same birthday with as much horror as I was.  But just let me reassure you, it’s not so bad after all. 

I know I’m going to have to face the adult world eventually but I’m hoping it will hold out now until my 40th!  That gives me 10 more years of random hobbies.  Bring it on . . .

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