Monday, 26 September 2011

Is It a Bird, Is It a Plane?

It's a Northern Ireland bread delivery van of course.

This was chased down by my Mum in my hometown of Carrickfergus.  Possibly the best bread delivery van in the world.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ophelia Nightly is Back

It's time for the gloves and hats to resurface. Yes, hoorah & hazah burlesque is back baby.

From next week i'm back in my utterly fabulous burlesque class and shall be shimmying & shaking all the way. Not only is it back but it's moved pretty darn close to my house so no more wandering the streets looking like a cast off from Fame.

I'm sure to have lots of fun and humiliating exploits to report back on.  And hey, any girls out there wanting to join me on my follies adventure just let me know. Group humiliation is the only kind worth doing after all. 

You can read about my ongoing burlesque incidents in my previous posts, Von Teese Me andThe Continued Misadventures of Lany B D'Lamour.

In honour of such a fabulous thing I shall be spending my evening watching Cabaret and trying not to fall off my chair while copying the Mein Herr routine. You have been warned.    

Oh and if you'd like to know how Ophelia Nightly came about you can always read, Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself.