Monday, 20 September 2010

The Cold Side of Fashion

I'm afraid I've been ill again *cue sympathy*. Struck down with a nasty cold I've been feeling very sorry for myself all week. I’m all better now thankfully but if the coughing and spluttering coming from my husband’s side of the bed last night is any indication, the bug hasn’t finished with us yet.

A cold can be fairly nasty. As well as the usual symptoms (coughing, sneezing and all), I seem to get one other, rather surprising, side effect . . . a serious lack of coordination. Not physical coordination, (that’s poor enough on the best of days so a cold can’t do much harm there) what I’m referring to is fashion sense.

The second my eyes get puffy and my chest tightens any sense of style I have (which I’m not claiming is a lot) goes right out the window. Suddenly I’m skulking around the house in mismatched socks and random items of clothing that I didn’t even know I owned. I believe I must have a Narnia style door hidden in the back of my wardrobe that only becomes available when my nose starts to run and it’s full to the brim with oversized jumpers of varying shades of brown and pyjamas that clearly even the most rabid charity shop would reject.

My poor husband gets home from work to find me passed out in a pile of Kleenex wearing some garish, bally jammie bottoms and some hideous, fuzzy jumper with odd socks barely covering my feet. I don’t remember buying these things, I certainly don’t wear these things so where the hell did they come from and more importantly, precisely how did I manage to secret them from their hiding place and put them on me (almost) while barely conscious?

As I continue to mend these items of clothing seem to disappear back to their hidey-holes only to return when the next cold appears. No amount of cold and flu powders, drink and sweets seem to help. It’s just something I’ve got to live with.

One thing to be grateful for at least is that colds tend to make me feel so sorry for myself I rarely venture out in public while suffering with one, so no one need know my shameful secret! Except of course anyone that reads this blog!


  1. I have that very same cold! It seems to be accopmanied by a hideous multicoloured dressing gown that Joseph himself would be proud of!
    Mandy x

  2. Oh dear Mandy. My heart goes out to you! I hope you resume normal clothing and health soon!!!

  3. Surely the obvious answer to your sartorial mystery is that these are Bryan's bait and switch clothes that he places in the bottom of your wardrobe while pinching your good stuff for a night out as Briony?


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