Monday, 15 March 2010

Just Call Me Lany B L'Amour

Well after months of hmming & haahing I am finally booked to go to my first burlesque class next week.

The class promises to teach me some simple dance moves such as bumps, grinds, poses & walks. All this while under the fine tutelage of one Madame Foo Foo LaBelle!

Now people that know me would agree that I'm perhaps more suited to Hungry Hippos than Dita Von Teese but to hell with that.  I reckon I can strut my stuff with the rest of them.  I'm sure to be shaking my tail feather (literally), in no time at all.

Thankfully I wont be alone.  I've managed to persuade some hapless victims/friends to accompany me.  Now all I need is a Burlesque name & a drastic wardrobe overhall & i'm all set to shimmy & shake!

Forgive me world!


  1. I shall be expecting a private viewing once you learn some moves ;)

  2. Lol according to the website Jon, the moves can used for a private showing or, even more disconcertingly, the clubs!

    Not quite sure which clubs I'd be performing those particular moves at!


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